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I come to Real Estate because I want to share my love for this community. I grew up in Chapel Hill, and though I’ve lived many places, I've always been drawn back to the vibrant and progressive Triangle area. There is the perfect niche for almost everyone within a 30 mile radius of Durham. Whether you want creative and funky Durham, cosmopolitan Raleigh, the college town feel of Chapel Hill, or something in-between, there’s something for everyone. 

We bought our home in Durham 5 years ago and I have spent the past few years showing my two young children all that the city has to offer. Some of our favorites include feeding the ducks at beautiful Duke Gardens, jogging to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning, and exploring every slide and swing set at the numerous parks dotted throughout the city. I also occasionally sneak in a dinner date with my husband at one of the great local restaurants followed by a show at the DPAC.

To me, finding the perfect home is about more than buying four walls and a roof. It's an investment in your community, your neighbors, your family, and yourself. The buying process is exciting and yes, sometimes frustrating, but I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Your home is a place where you will grow, celebrate new achievements, and make lifelong memories. When it comes time to sell your special home, I know you will pass along a piece of yourself to its new caretakers. I will work together with you to find just the right buyers for the beautiful space you worked so hard to create. 

Our homes and our communities are enriched by the people that fill them up, and I feel that the human element is essential to my practice as a Realtor. I look forward to helping you find the home that fits you.



Location, location, location … what does a hometown girl know about her location? Well, when your roots in the Triangle run long and deep like mine, the answer is, “A lot!”  My great-grandparents moved to Durham at the turn of the 20th century.  My grandparents built their home in Morehead Hills in 1928.  My parents met when my father came from Raleigh to attend Duke University.  I grew up in Duke Park neighborhood.  I bought my first house on the street where I grew up.  Like me, my kids went to Club Blvd. School.  I like to think I know the Triangle up one side and down the other.  

My experience in design, landscaping, fine dining, and my own real estate investments made residential brokerage a natural “next step” for me in 2006.  There isn’t much about a house I don’t know, because I’ve seen it all. In the event I don’t know something, I had clients sum it up best when they said, “Liz don’t rest until she gets to the bottom of an issue.”

Over the years I’ve learned a good broker must heed her instincts and be insightful & imaginative to achieve a client's goals. With knowledge and determination I help my clients adjust to the complexity of an ever-changing market. I will advocate for you at every point in your real estate transaction.

I’ll always go above and beyond for your family, as I do for my own.  I am a dedicated wife and mother of three US military service members, and grand-mother to two lovely little girls. When I’m not matchmaking for my clients, I enjoy spending time in the garden or a day on the lake. You might catch me cruising on a Sunday afternoon in an electric blue Mustang somewhere between here, there and everywhere.

As a proud Durhamite and native North Carolinian, I have a boundless love for the place affectionately known as the Heart of the Carolinas. Let’s talk about what brought you to the Triangle.



It was a pleasure to move back to Durham in 2013 after growing up here, watching the transformation of a city with so much history. I have been lucky to learn from and work with a remarkable source of experience, knowledge and presence in this field. I bought my first home two years ago with Tammi Brooks as my agent. It was overwhelming, exciting, daunting, exhilarating, nerve-wracking and satisfying ... just to name a few. Having an agent who recognized these different emotions and responded to them throughout the process for me was incredibly valuable. I was suddenly intrigued by real estate, realizing that there is much more to it than meets the eye. Being a broker combines so much of what I love in a job: interacting and connecting, learning and teaching, problem-solving and succeeding. I love figuring out what makes people tick and helping them find a house that feels like home. I love making a house shine, to put its best features forward in a competitive market. I love discovering more every single day about the ins and outs of houses, the development of this incredible area, and the best way to serve individual clients.



How often do you get to go to work and help people find a dream? I have helped hundreds of people find the place they call home. When I hear from my clients that they love their home, it reminds me why I love this job, knowing that I helped someone start their next chapter.

Sometimes you are destined to have a certain job. I have been around real estate in one form or another since I was nineteen years old: as a real estate appraiser, general contracting license educator in four states, NIBI-certified home inspector, and owner of a wood finishing (house materials) company. I also worked as a negotiator for a government project that dealt with easements and eminent domain cases.  In short, I have experience from footers to finance. If you don’t know what a footer is, we should talk.

I love problem solving: finding the "right" property for a buyer or figuring out what a property is worth for a seller. Working to find solutions by tapping in to my experience is what sets me apart. I take pride in being able to communicate effectively with my clients, and I have great relationships with many market-centric Realtors and Brokers.


Rebecca Simonds Ives

Rebecca Simonds Ives



The Triangle area is home to me.  Always has been and always will be.  I've lived in Durham, Wake, and Orange Counties, north of town, south of town, and "in town."  I grew up cheering for Duke, but went to Carolina.  I worked in human resources for an airline followed by a software company before getting my real estate license 12 years ago. I am married to a Chapel Hill native and have two children in middle school who keep my gas tank on empty from all the here, there, and everywhere.  I could go on and on about all the activities and interests I have, but enough about me ... let's talk about YOU.

You are the reason I enjoy working in real estate.  You are the one I want to get to know – your family, your needs, your wants, your budget ... the list never ends.  My desire is to serve you well and develop a relationship that endures beyond the purchase or sale of your home.  That's how community works.  I'd love to have you in mine.



Is your home in harmony with your life plan? If it’s time to move on, I can help.  There’s a lot to learn about real estate in the Triangle. Working together, we can get you where you want to be and enjoy the adventure. Change is good!

As a Realtor, I’ll bring plenty of facts. I am insatiably curious about property, understanding it’s past and potential.  I’ll provide the facts and insight you need to make informed decisions. For better or worse, I’m relentlessly honest.

As an agent, I communicate effectively and play well with others.  I’ll eloquently market your home to buyers, convincingly convey your offer to sellers, and negotiate successfully on your behalf. I collaborate well with clients, providers, and other agents to get the job done. 

As a person, I know there’s more to a transaction than numbers, contracts and rules. I work with people because I enjoy their company. I listen closely, considering your questions and ideas thoughtfully. I rely on intuition to get the vibe of a neighborhood or the personality of a place. I have a good eye for design and the flow of a house, so we can creatively see the possibilities. I’ll pay close attention to legal and financial details to make sure your transaction goes smoothly.

Central Durham has always been my home in the Triangle. You may have seen me walking the tree-lined streets of Watts-Hillandale, where I have lived with my family since 1987.  Following a career in marketing and public relations, my husband and I started a chain of local used book and music stores. You may have met me over the counter at Nice Price Books in Durham, Carrboro or Raleigh. You can often find me at yoga class, scouring secondhand stores for vintage treasures or exploring the area’s many ethnic groceries and eateries.  I consider myself a serial renovator with two historic homes and two commercial properties under my belt. That said, I have helped my clients with sales or purchases of single family homes of all periods and price ranges, townhomes, investment properties, land and new construction in Durham, Orange, Wake, Alamance and Caswell Counties.



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My wife and I have called Durham our home for the last 10 years. Before real estate, I worked in hospitality and guest relations where I developed a love for problem-solving and finding creative solutions. When the opportunity came to use my expertise to help others navigate the Triangle real estate market, I could not resist.

Today, I strive to leverage technology to organize complicated real estate transactions and save my clients their most valuable resources, time and energy. I am committed to communicating with my clients throughout the process so that they feel informed and in control.

My fondest moment as a real estate agent was helping a couple find their first home. After two agents had turned them away, I was able to work with their budget and needs and find a newly renovated townhome that met all of their criteria. After being told twice that their dream would not be possible, they were so delighted to close on their first home and I was happy to be a part of that process.



I aspire to be a true agent of the people of my community.  Whether you’re ready to buy, to sell, or to weigh some real estate options, together we can find the best path to your chosen destination.  Let’s talk about what you need and how I might help you get there.  It would be fun exploring the possibilities.


Jenny Brugnolotti Barrier
SPS Strategic Pricing Specialist

Jenny Brugnolotti Barrier



I absolutely love real estate. 

I began my career in 2007, after five years in residential design.  I was renovating homes and got my license for my own education.  It quickly became a full time job and I have never looked back.  I am devoted to serving my clients as a passionate advocate and I have a knack for understanding the complex needs of each person.  My extensive experience with renovation and construction allows me insight into problems other agents may not see and saves my clients time and money.  I give my clients the benefit of honest advice, respect, and the ability to make informed decisions for themselves.  I am a full service agent and I will handle your transaction personally from day one to close.  Whether you are a first time buyer with a limited budget, an experienced home owner looking  to reinvest your equity, or if you are looking for assistance in selling your home or estate, you deserve equally dedicated representation.  I hope that you will allow me the honor of being your advocate.



It was a beautiful, sunny and cloudless September day in Raleigh in 1999; when I realized it was time to sell our home in Las Vegas and move to the Triangle. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

My interest and earliest introduction to the world of real estate, was as a child growing up in Nashua, NH. It seemed we moved just about every other year, which I attribute to my dad’s years in the military and frequent relocations. I’m sure I had to be the only kid who went to all three junior high schools in my town. And each time we prepared for showings on our home; I was tasked with “staging” the house. Simply put, I was tasked with doing that thing I did to decorate the table, as my dad would say. I thoroughly enjoyed preparing our home for showings, and especially liked touring prospective new homes. I would eventually study drafting, architecture, then majored in interior design, finally receiving a business degree. This just helped to further reinforce what I believe is an innate love of all things “home”.

With over 20 years of serving customers, listening, engaging and executing; I receive the greatest pleasure from interacting with the variety of people I meet on a daily basis, who come from far and wide. A person’s home is their biggest investment, but it is also their hideaway, castle, stress reliever, safety, dwelling, shelter, memory builder and so much more. Guiding my client and helping to make their home-buying/selling dreams a reality leaves me truly gratified.


Tammi Brooks

Tammi Brooks



I love my job. Working with buyers and sellers to identify and fulfill their home goals energizes me every day. I have developed a talented team of experts—builders, electricians, plumbers, painters, stagers, designers … you name it—who help me help you realize your dreams. My clients describe me as relentless, creative, shrewd, and fun! If you are ready to sell, I will listen to you, study your home and find its story—the quality that will attract buyers—and then develop a marketing plan tailored to you. I also work hard to help you prepare your home for sale, knowing which repairs or updates to make to maximize your return and how to stage your home to draw attention to its best qualities. I love to find off-market gems for my buyers in this inventory-lean market and am known for cultivating my relationships with former clients to suss out early leads in coveted neighborhoods. 


Adrian Brown

Adrian Brown



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Home selling and buying is an adventure which requires an able guide, familiar with the terrain, and open to different paths toward the desired destination. The journey is typically exciting, but can, on occasion, be stressful. Choosing the right agent is the first step. 

I was born in Berlin, Germany, and have called Durham my home since 1998. While I mostly grew up in New Hampshire, I also spent some time living in Atlanta, Boston and the South Pacific; but it's Durham that won my heart like no other place I've lived. I've overseen the renovations of several homes around the city center of Durham, and have a great appreciation for historic restoration.  Additionally, I am passionate about increasing workforce housing options in Durham.

The Bull City captivated me because it's evident it grew out of a boot-strapping entrepreneurial spirit which continues to thrive today.  From our tech start-up scene, to growing life sciences, to world class education, to college sports rivalries, to RTP (which was a game changer for the region as an innovative R&D campus in the '50s) --- its no wonder Durham keeps showing up on top 10 lists of Best Places To Live. Durham however, is one spoke in the wheel we call the Triangle region, which collectively has so much to offer its residents.  Whether you live in Cary, Raleigh, Chapel Hill or Durham (or anywhere in between) all of the Triangle is at your disposal, and the region is rich with things to do and see.    

I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story, and learning how I can help you sell your home and/or purchase your next home in the Triangle. 


Laina Brown

Laina Brown



Hi! I spent the last 20 years in law enforcement in Las Vegas, NV during which I raised my five children (1 girl & 4 boys) with a little help from my husband, of course.  :-)  Following my retirement in 2017, I moved to the Triangle to be closer to our family, and where I’ve visited for many years.  Shortly after settling into life in Durham I decided to obtain my real estate license and begin life after retirement.  I’m excited to be part of the Inhabit team because of their strong real estate and local market knowledge.  I also admire Inhabit’s passion for the community and how as an organization they seek to engage and support it.  I look forward to meeting and working with you as an Assisting Broker on Adrian’s team and as the face you’ll sometimes see at the front desk as office management support.