I remember as a child going to Bulls games at the old stadium and having to hold my nose while driving down Duke Street past the tobacco warehouses ... and now, as an adult, I'm showing buyers through condos in those same buildings! Rest assured, the condos smell MUCH better.

Leaving home for college and traveling/working overseas for a number of years after, I never expected to move back to Durham and stay. But what a cool city you’ve become Durham! I’ve now bought a couple of houses, as both a buyer and an agent, am a landlord, and I helped start up this little Inhabit firm a couple of years ago. I have been incredibly lucky in my journey as an agent to learn from and work with one of the best in the field, assisting Tammi Brooks for my first two and a half years. Now, in my fourth year, I continue to learn each day with every single client and transaction.

Real estate keeps me on my toes, which works well for me as I love being on my feet! I've never been a desk-job kind of gal, and I find it exciting to explore all kinds of properties from bungalows, to condos, to farms, to land and beyond. I’m fun and creative, will laugh at your jokes (especially when they’re not funny), pump you up when you’re feeling frustrated, and keep perspective when your emotions get crazy. I’m a terrible liar and so will always give you honest opinions and feedback. I work hard for clients, and well with agents.

But enough about me, I’d love to share coffee or a beer and learn about why you are reading this in the first place! Shoot me an email, text, or dial away!