It was a beautiful, sunny and cloudless September day in Raleigh in 1999; when I realized it was time to sell our home in Las Vegas and move to the Triangle. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

My interest and earliest introduction to the world of real estate, was as a child growing up in Nashua, NH. It seemed we moved just about every other year, which I attribute to my dad’s years in the military and frequent relocations. I’m sure I had to be the only kid who went to all three junior high schools in my town. And each time we prepared for showings on our home; I was tasked with “staging” the house. Simply put, I was tasked with doing that thing I did to decorate the table, as my dad would say. I thoroughly enjoyed preparing our home for showings, and especially liked touring prospective new homes. I would eventually study drafting, architecture, then majored in interior design, finally receiving a business degree. This just helped to further reinforce what I believe is an innate love of all things “home”.

With over 20 years of serving customers, listening, engaging and executing; I receive the greatest pleasure from interacting with the variety of people I meet on a daily basis, who come from far and wide. A person’s home is their biggest investment, but it is also their hideaway, castle, stress reliever, safety, dwelling, shelter, memory builder and so much more. Guiding my client and helping to make their home-buying/selling dreams a reality leaves me truly gratified.