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Brit McInnis

Business Operations Manager

Hey! I’m Brit, with one “T.”

In 2016, I decided to throw caution to the wind and move from Baltimore to Durham without any job prospects. I had quit my job as a corporate project manager and decided it was time for a fresh start. Within 6 months of moving, I decided the Bull City would be my forever home.

I’m your perfect combination of right- and left-brained. Spreadsheets, numbers, and analysis are my jam. I’m also an artist (say what!). When I’m not fangirling over a beautifully organized spreadsheet, I’m usually out taking photos, painting, drawing, or cooking up a storm.

While I have an active real estate license, I prefer to work behind the scenes handling operations. I like to be the “neck that turns the head.” Of all the firms in the Triangle to pick from, Inhabit Real Estate is an obvious choice. Our brokers are top-notch experts who actually care about our fantastic, diverse community. Come check us out!

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