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Candace Jones


I absolutely adore calling the diverse, inclusive, and vibrant city of Durham home! I couldn’t be happier with my decision to move here with my family from the Northeast five years ago, and as a mom of three via birth and adoption, I understand the significance an out-of-state move is on a personal level. I know firsthand both the excitement and stressors that come along with buying and selling in general, and I am ready to help you through your next transition.

I chose real estate because of my love for the community and my passion for all things home and design. As a naturally supportive people-person, I cherish my client relationships and enjoy helping others during major milestones in their lives. My creative expertise and background in graphic design is invaluable not only for home staging and design, but also in my approach to solving problems and coming up with innovative solutions for my clients.

Allow me to put warmth and enthusiasm into your next sale or purchase, and know I will work hard for you and empower you to make the best decisions possible along the way!

Come see me at our Durham office!

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