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Chrysti Peek


It was after a lively discussion about whether home is a matter of heart or location that I realized how absolutely sure I am that Durham, for me, is absolutely home with every bit of my heart. I knew when I moved here in 2011 that it was for love, I just had no idea that I would fall for this diverse and vibrant community nearly as hard as the man that I moved here to marry.

As someone who has completed over 14 personal moves in her adult life – ranging from across town to halfway across the world, single, married, after divorce, with dogs, with kids, with blended households, and a dozen variables in between—I understand the power of those two all-important syllables, We’re home, and I know what it takes to get you there. My passion for real estate is rooted in people and creating an experience where my clients know that they are cared for, empowered, and expertly guided in achieving their real estate goals. Buyers and sellers alike benefit from my unique combination of practical and professional experience, backed with a team of experts that makes their transition as smooth as possible.

If you are thinking about making your next move, now is the perfect time for us to talk about how to get you there. Call or email any time– I’m here for you!

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