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Connie Semans

In my professional career, I’ve worn a lot of hats: archivist, librarian, technology consultant, project manager, business manager, ice cream maker, recipe creator, organizer/stager, and real estate broker. Through these experiences, I’ve discovered that I’ve got a keen eye for detail, a strong creative drive, a compulsion for organization, excellent interpersonal skills, and a true love for working with and getting to know people. Being a real estate broker/advisor is a natural career progression; combining my strengths in one dynamic package.

Working with sellers allows the organizer, project manager, and artist in me to shine. I love advising clients on what to edit/keep/add, selecting paint colors, recommending updates, and executing a staging plan. I have a deep bench of contractors that can handle the prep work, and I can offer full-service project management allowing you to focus on other priorities. Whether you are living in the house or have already moved out of town, I can work with you to create and execute a market prep plan and selling strategy that will maximize the return based on your unique priorities and circumstances.

And who says buyers are no fun? I love exploring potential homes with clients, and I excel in helping them look beyond the product presented and visualize how they are actually going to live in and utilize the various spaces: Where do bicycles get stored? Where do the kids play (i.e., will I step on legos every time I walk to the kitchen)? Does the yard suit my dog? Can I age in place? Is the office space suitably quiet? Will my beloved purple sofa fit in the living room? Every buyer has their own set of unique questions and requirements. While we are exploring those questions, I also dig into the less obvious details and try to anticipate issues that might arise during an inspection (structural, moisture, USTs, etc). The better informed my buyer is on the front end, the happier they will be on the back end, and the more confidently we can craft a winning offer.

I am keenly aware that whether selling or buying each transaction is often my clients’ biggest financial investment and is a critical component of their life plan. I do not take this fiduciary responsibility lightly. My role is to advise with pertinent information, expertise, and insights so that my client can make smart choices and good decisions.

Come see me at our Durham office!

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