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Jamie Bey


Growing up in the Outer Banks, I spent countless hours tagging along with my grandpa as he built houses in Manteo. He and my grandma would live in each house as he built another. I passed the time by studying catalogs of house plans, dreaming of my own home, much like some little girls dream of their wedding. My passion for home design, architecture, and construction took hold. 

Prior to beginning my career in real estate, I spent many years in the hospitality and event planning industry, helping couples plan and execute their wedding day. I have found that whether I am working with a couple to plan their wedding or buy their first home, I am helping them with one of the most important moments of their lives.

I’ve spent many years traveling, living in North Carolina, Maine, Hawaii, Georgia, and Virginia. When my husband, son, and I had an opportunity to relocate to Durham in 2016, we jumped. We love living life in Durham and nothing makes me happier than showing off all of the wonderful qualities Durham has to offer. 

Come see me at our Durham office!

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