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Jeff Lyons


Hi friend!  I am a researcher / project coordinator by trade and a sociological theorist by academic training.  I tend to deal in cold, hard facts while savoring big ideas and creative problem-solving. Some true facts and ideas about who I am and what I’m doing here in the real estate biz:

I have the most handsome clients, hands down.  Handsomeness is measurable, no need to debate me on this!

I live and work in the most vibrant community in North Carolina, perhaps the world.

I love exceeding your expectations.  Underpromise and overdeliver…always a top priority.

I can hold hands with the best of them but also get tough when the situation calls for it.  I stand shoulder to shoulder with my clients from start to finish.

I love my work and, by extension, the people who enable me to do this work.  Hey, that’s you!

Of course, there’s much more to buying or selling a home than cold, hard facts.  Emotions really can come into play, and I’m sensitive to those. That’s why I like to understand my clients’ needs and motivations beyond the factual stuff.  What moves you? Why are you moving? How does this particular move fit into your overall life plans? What’s your favorite kind of donut and if it isn’t an apple fritter, why not?  See? I get straight to the stuff that matters. Let’s talk about what matters most to you and how we can work together to get you there.

Come see me at our Durham office!

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