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Kimberly Grice


Growing up I watched my grandparents purchase, renovate, rent and manage multiple properties. I always admired them and their ability to be business owners and landlords. Seeing this inspired me to want to get into real estate as well.

After purchasing my first home in my twenties, which was a new construction that I had the opportunity to work with the builder to add my personal touches to, I was even more motivated to jump in and help others do what I had just done! However life, marriage and kids took me down a different path. Life’s hiccups along the way showed me that I needed to reconnect with my desire to be in real estate and that’s what I did.

I am here to help others like me that have gone through or are going through transitions in life and are looking for a fresh start in a new home. I am here to help that young couple or single person experience the excitement and joy of purchasing their first home as I did. I am here for the downsizer, the upgrader, the investor, and all the others in between. I want to show you how homeownership isn’t an unattainable dream but an obtainable reality! Let’s work together to make it come true for you too! I am looking forward to working with you!

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