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Michael Piscitello


I come from a background in nursing and am motivated by a desire to provide care and to guide people through significant life events. I believe that in doing so, I am able to nurture the community and build lasting relationships. Making the transition from healthcare to real estate allowed me to challenge myself to learn new skills while applying the expertise I cultivated as a healthcare professional. 

I grew up in Chapel Hill in a family of restaurateurs, and as a skilled home chef, I enthusiastically share my knowledge of local restaurants in the Triangle. I enjoy sharing my experiences in order to allow those who may be new to the area to familiarize and support the community in which we live. 

I will be acting as an assisting broker to Alison Domnas, who is, coincidentally, also my best friend. In my free time, I am a knitter, potter, and gardener and can often be found hiking the local trails with my two German Shorthaired Pointers (Millie + Joni).

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