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Paula Hoge

Black and white headshot of real estate professional Paula Hoge

“Life first, then real estate.” It’s something I say to new clients, as we begin to dig into what’s really happening to motivate their move. Deep listening means your needs, your hopes and dreams, guide our process in your transition to a new home.

I started my real estate career 4 decades ago, and I’ve learned a lot along the way, as I’ve watched our community grow and change along with my own family. Deep roots mean I can show you the backroads and the best trails. Deep connections mean I can help you find a painter, a plumber, or a portrait artist. Deep knowledge that comes with experience means you can trust me to guide you through the process. I have a team of professionals who help me make magic with repairs, staging, and photography. My full-service approach focuses on your unique needs.

My passions range from golden retrievers to gospel singing, to hiking, reading, and traveling. I’ve worked in the schools, designed and installed gardens. And I’ve helped my parents move to the Triangle and my children move to the West Coast.
You don’t move every day. My joy is to make that process as smooth as possible, to dig deep, and to have some fun helping you inhabit your new life.

Come see me at our Chapel Hill office!

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