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Sarah Parker

I’ve been a leader in the local food and business scene for nearly a decade now, and throughout my career nothing gets me more excited than helping others craft fulfilling and authentic experiences. What better way to achieve that than guiding them through the overwhelming process of home buying! My approach is down-to-earth and collaborative while also being tenacious about the details. Imagine a bulldog in a hot pink blazer wearing sensible shoes. I believe there is no problem too big or small to find a creative solution to. Maximizing visual appeal is a specialty of mine and it’s thrilling to help discover the captivating story homes are bursting to tell.

Through my past experience guiding the award winning company Durham Catering, and creating a home for myself and my four children in Chapel Hill, I have a wide network of community leaders, friends and connections spanning several counties. And as a profiled “Extraordinary Woman” by Durham Magazine I have also had the honor of being at the forefront of several local initiatives focused on equitably empowering others in our community.

I am highly committed to full transparency and finding joy every step of the way, no matter how tedious, all leading up to the monumental moment when my clients turn the key of their new home (although please be warned, party hats are mandatory).

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